Ashish Kothari

Ashish Kothari began working on environment and development issues in his school days in 1978-79, as one of the founders of Kalpavriksh, an Indian environmental NGO. He coordinates Kalpavriksh's programme on Alternatives.

Neema Pathak Broome

Neema Pathak Broome, has studied environmental science and completed a post graduate diploma in wildlife management. She is a member of Kalpavriksh, coordinating the Conservation and Livelihoods programme.

Neeraj Vagholikar

Neeraj Vagholikar has been a member of Kalpavriksh since December 1998. Formally trained as a mechanical engineer, Neeraj moved on to work on environmental policy issues since 1996. From 1996 – 1998 he worked as Conservation Officer with the Save Nature Movement, a campaigning platform operating in association with wildlife magazine, Sanctuary Asia.

Sharmila Deo

Sharmila Deo joined Kalpavriksh in 2004. For the first 3 years, she was the administration coordinator. Being interested in education issues, she supported the education work of Kalpavriksh right from the beginning

Anuradha Arjunwadkar

Anuradha Arjunwadkar (Swati) has been working with Kalpavriksh for the last 15 years. Over the last 3 years she has mainly been working on the Vikalp Sangam website (www.vikalpsangam.org). She also helps with the newsletter People in Conservation, and with Advocacy material published regularly by KV.

Kanchi Kohli

Kanchi Kohli is a researcher working on environment, forest and biodiversity governance in India. Her work explores the links between law, industrialization and environment justice. In Kalpavriksh she is associated with tracking the implementation of the biodiversity regulation in India. She has individually and in teams authored several publications, including the recent book Business Interests and the Environmental Crisis, published by SAGE.

Meenal Tatpati

Meenal Tatpati worked as an intern in various projects for the Conservation and Livelihoods team before she became a member in 2013. She has a Masters in Environmental Science. She has been working on advocacy and research on Community Forest Rights (CFR) under the Scheduled Tribes and Other Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006. She is interested in understanding the changing socio-political aspects of forest governance in India.

Milind Wani

Milind Wani is based in Pune. He spent 20 years in the IT sector before joining Kalpavriksh. He is the programme coordinator for Kalpavriksh’s Documentation and Outreach center, and edits its newsletter entitled People in Conservation.He can be reached at [email protected]

Pankaj Sekhsaria

Pankaj Sekhsaria is a member of the environmental action group, Kalpavriksh where he works on issues of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and also edits the bi-monthly newsletter, the Protected Area Update. He is a freelance journalist, photographer and author, most recently, of 'Islands in flux - the Andaman and Nicobar Story' (HarperCollins India 2017) and 'The Last Wave – an island novel' (HarperCollins India 2014). He has authored/edited three other, non-fiction books, two of which are based in the A&N Islands

Prabhakar Rao

Prabhakar Rao has been a member of Kalpavriksh (KV) for many years. He has an M-Phil and PhD from Delhi University in the area of organizational behaviour. His interests are in the area of legal framework of laws relating to nature and wildlife. He is also interested in issues relating to management of PAs. He has been coordinating the urban ecology work in KV Delhi.

Pradeep Chavan

Pradeep Chavan has been working with Kalpavriksh for the last two years. He has a Master’s degree in English Literature from Pune University and a Diploma in Social Work from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapith, Pune. His major interest areas are conservation, livelihood sustenance, conservation education & cultural revival through the grass root interventions.

Radhika Mulay

Radhika Mulay joined Kalpavriksh in March 2016 to work with the Vikalp Sangam process. She is part of the ACKNOWL-EJ project which focuses on Transformations and Alternatives, and is involved in ‘Kachchh Crafts Assessment of Transformation’ case study. She has a Master's degree in Water Science, Policy and Management and is a student of Bharatnatyam and Contemporary dance form

Sanjay Sondhi

Sanjay Sondhi is a Dehradun-based naturalist with a keen interest in writing and photography. He is a member of Kalpavriksh and Founder Trustee, TITLI TRUST. He works primarily in western and eastern Himalayas supporting grass-root conservation, eco-tourism and conservation education focussing on birds, butterflies, moths and herpetofauna.

Seema Bhatt

Seema Bhatt is an independent consultant working on issues related to biodiversity, climate change and ecotourism in Asia. Seema is a graduate from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She worked as a Senior Programme Officer with WWF India on its McArthur Foundation supported Biodiversity ‘Hotspots’ Conservation Programme.

Shiba Desor

Shiba Desor joined Kalpavriksh's Conservation and Livelihoods team in 2011 after a Masters' degree in Environmental Studies. Between 2011 and 13, she was involved in advocacy and research related to governance of community forest resources and Protected Areas.

Sneha Gutgutia

Sneha Gutgutia joined Kalpavriksh in 2016 after completing her Masters in Social Work in Livelihoods from TISS, Mumbai. Prior to this she was working as a software engineer in an IT company in Bangalore. She is currently working on Community Conserved Areas in India and South Asia. She loves nature, enjoys the company of people and being around animals.

Shrishtee Bajpai

Shrishtee Bajpai joined Kalpavriksh in January 2016 to work with Alternatives team. Her current interests include worldviews, alternatives to development, rights for nature, and moral and political philosophy focused on animals, nature and self. Apart from this, she is interested in birds, walks to unknown places, swimming, almonds, and listening to music. She can be reached at [email protected]

Shruti Ajit

Shruti Ajit joined Kalpavriksh in August 2015 to work under Conservation and Livelihood team on Community Forest Rights-Learning and Advocacy process. She is also part of the Global project on Alternatives, working on documenting worldviews of the Dongria Kondhs. She has a Master's degree in Development and an Under Graduate degree in Journalism and Communication.

Sujatha Padmanabhan

Sujatha Padmanabhan has been a member of Kalpavriksh since 1984 and has been working full time with the organisation since 2000. She is a trained special educator and has worked with children with multiple disabilities in Delhi for 10 years.

Tanya Majmudar

Tanya joined Kalpavriksh in 2014 and became a member a year later. She formally trained as a mechatronics engineer but has been working in education for over 6 years. She has developed content, curriculum, assessments and trainings for various themes.

Arpita Lulla

Arpita Lulla joined Kalpavriksh in January 2017 to work with the Alternatives team. She has studied advertising and environmental studies. Apart from this, she is interested in exploring new skills, holistic living, sports, filmmaking, music and dance.

Ajay Mahajan

Anchal Sondhi

Manju Menon

Pallav Das

Pradeep Malhotra

Rashi Mishra

Roshni Kutty

Saili Palande

Shantha Bhushan

Sunita Rao

Tejesvini Apte

Yashodhara Kundaji

Vandana Singh

Our Staff at Kalpavriksh

Govind Khalsode

Govind Khalsode has been working with KV for more than a decade. He joined as an office assistant back in 1999, and is now the administrator. He handles a variety of administrative tasks like photocopying, printing, mailing and typing out documents. He also helps manage all KV publications.

Prajakta Kulkarni

Prajakta Kulkarni, who has a Masters degree in Commerce began helping manage KV accounts in 2005. She joined as a member of permanent KV staff as an accounts coordinator in January 2008. Ever since that, she has been single handedly (and good humouredly) keeping record of all the finances and making sure that we pay our bills.

Sharnamma Hattargi

Sharnamma is the earliest staff member at Kalpavriksh and has been with us since 1997. She helps to keep the office clean and makes tea and coffee for all every day. She is a great cook and every now and then treats everyone in the office to a delicious snack or meal!