Sujatha Padmanabhan

Sujatha Padmanabhan has been a member of Kalpavriksh since 1984 and has been working full time with the organisation since 2000. She is a trained special educator and has worked with children with multiple disabilities in Delhi for 10 years. Her main engagement at Kalpavriksh has been in the field of environment education for children. She has been involved in developing and implementing locale-specific environment education programmes for children in Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka as well as for children in the cold deserts of Ladakh and salt deserts of Kachchh. She has authored a few story books for children. She has also co-authored “Forests Alive!” and “Ri Gyancha”, environment education handbooks and resource kits for educators. She has also supported the alternatives work in Kalpavriksh and has coordinated Vikalp Sangam projects. She was involved in a case study of an alternative school for adivasi children in Chhattisgarh. She loves nature-watching, listening to a bubbling stream and walking in the mountains.