Seema Bhatt

Seema Bhatt is an independent consultant working on issues related to biodiversity, climate change and ecotourism in Asia. Seema is a graduate from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She worked as a Senior Programme Officer with WWF India on its McArthur Foundation supported Biodiversity ‘Hotspots’ Conservation Programme. Seema was also the South Asia Coordinator for the USAID supported Biodiversity Conservation Network. She was also part of the Technical and Policy Core Group that produced the final technical report for India’s National Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan. Her particular focus of work is on strengthening the links between conservation of biodiversity and livelihoods of local communities. Her involvement in climate change issues began when in 2007, she coordinated a gap analysis of looking at adaptation to climate change across the Asia region for DfID and IDRC on behalf of the Institute for Social and Environment Transition. She has also been involved in a similar exercise for USAID.

Seema has worked extensively on ecotourism issues in South Asia and has co-authored a book on Ecotourism Development in India published by the Cambridge University Press. Seema is also a Fulbright Scholar and the Honorary Vice President of the Ecotourism Society of India.

Seema also has an extensive collection of frog artefacts that started in 1983. She has over 500 frog artefacts from about 40 countries across the world.