Bhorgiri Wild Vegetable Festival 2022

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Bhorgiri Wild Vegetable Festival was held on 11th September 2022 in Bhorgiri village, Bhimashankar. The initiative was strengthened by the participation of about 600 tribal people. Organized by Bhorgiri Gram Panchayat and Women SHGs, Kalpavriksh (Pune), S.M.Supe Memorial Foundation (Pune), Rajgurunagar Agriculture Department and Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA, Pune), the festival was a big success with participation by about 274 women from All Women SHG members of Bhorgiri, Bhivegaon, Yelavali, Bhomale (U0, Bhomale (L), Kharpud, Mhasewadi. 

Following are the youtube videos links to catch the glimpse of the festival: 

  1. रानभाज्या महोत्सव | Vegetable Festival : ‘फाइव्ह स्टार’ मेजवानी : A ‘Five Star’ Feast for Gourmets
  2. भोरगिरी येथे ‘रानभाज्या उत्सव’ आनंदात साजरा
  3. रानभाज्या महोत्सव | Ranbhajya Mahotsav | Bhorgiri | Bhimashankar | खाद्यसंस्कृती