Vikalp Varta 2 Dialogue Series: Tribal Health Initiative and Kunariya Panchayat

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Dear All,
We welcome you to join us in restarting the series – Vikalp Varta: Dialogues on Covid Action.
The first webinar of the series is ‘How did the Rural Communities Tackle Covid-19?’
In this webinar, we have invited Regi and Lalitha of Tribal Health Initiative, and Suresh Chhanga of Kunariya Panchayat, to share their experience of tackling the second wave of Covid-19 in Sittilingi, Tamil Nadu, and Kutch, Gujarat respectively

Date: 25th June 2021 Time: 7:00 – 8:30 pm IST Registration Link

This webinar will be available on Zoom and Vikalp Sangam’s Youtube Live (on the day of the event.)
If you would like to watch how they fared during the first wave of  COVID-19, please find below the webinar recording for the series of Vikalp Vartas with the Tribal health initiative and Kunariya panchayat.  

Vikalp Vārtā # 18 -Weaving together health care, food, farming, craft, education and self-governanceRegi and Lalitha from Tribal Health Initiative Madheswari, Panchayat President.Watch here:

Vikalp Vārtā #6 – Panchayat’s Response through Self-Governance and Inter-generational LearningSuresh Chhanga (Sarpanch, Kunariya village, Kachcch) along with members of village COVID-response teamWatch here: