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The General Assembly of the Vikalp Sangam, consisting of over 80 people’s movements and civil society groups across India, has released a ‘People’s Manifesto for a Just, Equitable and Sustainable India, 2024’, on 18th December in New Delhi. 

The Manifesto, aimed at political parties, government agencies, and civil society organisations and movements at various levels, lists key strategies and actions that need to be taken for securing dignified livelihoods, protecting human rights, conserving the environment and wildlife, democratising all spaces of decision-making, withdrawing authoritarian laws and measures, providing meaningful opportunities for education and health, enabling local self-reliance for basic needs like water, food and energy, and other such actions. These are framed keeping in mind the worsening situation of hundreds of millions of people in India, and of its natural environment. The Manifesto also stresses that in all these, recognition must be given to the power and agency of marginalised sections including women, Dalits, Adivasis, people with disabilities, sexual and gender minorities; and special attention given to the perspectives and needs of youth. The signatories also themselves commit to take actions towards such goals to the best of their ability, while seeking government accountability. 

The Manifesto has been prepared keeping the upcoming national elections in 2024 in mind, but will also be used as a tool for advocacy and action in other contexts, including state elections, local government policies and programmes, and actions by non-state actors including the media, civil society groups, educational institutions and others. 

The Manifesto has been released at a Press Conference at the Press Club, Delhi, at 11 am on 18th December. 

Entire Manifesto

Summary of the Manifesto

Summary in Hindi

Summary in Telugu