Sandhani – Transformation amongst handloom weavers of Kachchh, India: series of six films in two languages

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This is a series of six films (in two languages) made during an intensive two year research project. The study, called Sandhani, was conducted by Khamir (a craft resource centre in Bhuj), Kalpavriksh (environmental action group in Pune), and the Kachchh vankars (weavers). It looked at the multiple dimensions of transformation taking place in the livelihoods of the weaving community, linked to an overall revival of the craft from a time when it was in sharp decline. These films have been made as a participatory process by the young community members facilitated by Khamir, Kalpavriksh and Drishti (media and communication organisation in Ahmedabad). The six films are available in two languages – English and Gujarati (one in Hindi), through the following links:

Research project film:

Weaving a story વણાટની વાર્તા : English:​ Hindi:​

Women: Broadening horizons for women મહિલાઓ માટે ઉઘડતી ક્ષિતિજો: English:–csiI​ Gujarati:​

Economics: Weaving: Towards Economic freedom વણાટ: આર્થિક સ્વતંત્રતા તરફ English:​ Gujarati:​

History: Weaving history વણાટની ઈતિહાસ કથા English:​ Gujarati:​

Ecology: Weaving and environment વણાટ અને પર્યાવરણ English:​ Gujarati:​

Youth: New initiatives, new directions નવી પહેલ, નવી દિશાઓ English:​ Gujarati:​

The research project was part of ACKnowl-EJ, an international process analyzing the transformative potential of community responses to extractivism and alternatives born from resistance, supported by International Science Council. For further information about the project, contact – [email protected]