Legal Interventions and On-ground Investigations

1. Landscape level studies and field reports

2. Legal Interventions 

  • Kalpavriksh filed an Interim Application along with Vasundhara in  I.A. NO.548 OF 2000 IN WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO.202 OF 1995 or the Godavarman case, stating that the MoEF order dated 14th February 2000 and the order of the Central Empowered Committee of the Supreme Court on 2nd July 2004 was causing large scale hardship for communities living in and around the Protected Areas comprising of National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. The petition can be accessed here. 
  • In August 2012, KV filed a Special Leave Petition in the matter of Ajay Dubey vs. Union of India and others (commonly known as the Tiger Tourism Case). The petition relates to the need of following due procedures including legally mandated gram sabha consultations while notifying buffer zones of tiger reserves. The petition can be accessed here

3. Field Investigations

Newspaper reports of forest fires in the BRT Hills Temple Sanctuary in 2007, quoted the state’s forest officials as having put the blame on the Soliga adivasis living inside the BRT WLS, reportedly in retaliation against their collection of non-timber forest produce (NTFP) having been banned. There were also reports of harsh treatment by the officials against some Soligas. Kalpavriksh felt it necessary to conduct an investigation into the above incidents and allegations. The report of the investigation can be accessed here. 

Letters sent to different authorities in this matter: 

Letter to Chief Minister, Karnataka 

Letter to Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission

Letter to Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests

Letter to Minister of Tribal Affairs

Letter to Chairperson, Central Empowered Committee

Investigation into the Implementation of Forest Rights Act in Nameri National Park and Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary 2009



Letter to Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on Clearing of forests inside Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary 2007

Letter to Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir on construction of a large steel enclosure inside the Dachigam National Park to keep Asiatic Black Bears in captivity  2010