Ecosophies of Freedom


Human suffering as a result of systemic exploitation, social oppression, corruption, patriarchy, war, endemic poverty, intolerance, religious extremism, democracy deficit, climate crises, etc., is there for everyone to see. The crisis is not only social and political but also ecological, moral and spiritual: a great tear is slowly rending apart the delicate fabric that holds the social and natural order together. There is an urgent call to suture this rift before it is too late, before a total civilizational and ecological collapse.

How can we think our way out of this imbroglio? Can the ancient sages and spiritual traditions show a path to happiness and wellbeing? What utopian vision is required to help us re-imagine new responses to old problems of humanity, to usher an era of peace, justice and freedom? How can the wisdom of ages and modern political thought engage constructively to face the challenges of the present and of the future? What role can imagination play in envisioning an ecological and spiritual civilization?

Philosophers, thinkers, teachers, activists, researchers, dreamers, and poets explore some of these themes in this book…


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Kalpavriksh, Earthcare Books





442 pages


Milind Wani, Sucharita Dutta-Asane