New Book: The State of Wildlife and Protected Areas in Maharashtra: News and Information from the Protected Area Update 1996-2015

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For nearly two and a half decades now the Protected Area Update (PAU)
has religiously presented a consolidated account of India’s wildlife and
protected area (PA) network. Published six times a year, it carries in a
tightly edited format, news and information of what is happening in, to
and around these national parks and sanctuaries that have been at the
core of India’s wildlife conservation strategy.
In the second of a series of edited books that synthesis this huge body
of information on geographical lines The State of Wildlife and Protected
Areas in Maharashtra – News and information from the Protected Area
Update 1996–2015 presents a consolidated historical account of
developments in the PA network in Maharashtra over two decades. While
the primary unit still remains the individual protected area, the time
line has changed from two months of one issue to 20 years that this
publication covers.
In following one news item after another about any particular PA we see
what happened month after month, year after year; what developments
recurred at what periodicity; what were the issues that were important
and what was done about them – it’s an important glimpse into the
contemporary history of a place (many places) marked on the map as a
protected area.

Edited by Pankaj Sekhsaria; Published by the Duleep
Matthai Nature Conservation Trust, Kalpavriksh and Rainfed Books;
xii+235pp; 100 line drawings; Price Rs. 400; ISBN: 9788192326931

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