WHEN: Saturday, 12th August 2023 | 9:30 am to 12:00 pm

WHERE: Smriti Van, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Jhalana Doongri, JAIPUR (See Location)

FOR: Children aged 8-12 years

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9:30 – 9:45Registration
9:45 -10:15Guided nature walk with with avid birder and photographer Shweta Shrotriya. Learn about the flora and fauna of Smriti Van!
10:15 – 10:30Book release by chief guest
10:30 – 11:00Book reading and discussion with author and illustrator Shruti Hemani
11:00 – 11:45Art and craft activity with author-illustrator
11:45 – 12:00Book signing
Author signed copies available for sale!

Why Are You So Colourful?
Written and Illustrated by Shruti Hemani
Published by Kalpavriksh

About the book
Why is a red munia red? Why does a bullfrog turn yellow? How does a painted stork get its pink colour? Why do some mushrooms glow in the dark? Why do purple sunbirds shine? And why do most mammals come in different shades of brown? This magnificently illustrated book explores the hows and whys of colours in the natural world. More

About the Author/ Illustrator
Shruti is an architect and urban designer with a PhD from IIT, Guwahati. Alongside her professional career in urban design, she continues to follow her interest in illustrating and since the year 2020, she contributes regularly to children’s magazines and picture books.
Shruti is also a keen observer of all forms of life between buildings. In her leisure time, if not wandering the streets of Jaipur observing plants, fungi, insects, birds and people, she may be found hiking in the Aravallis.

About the Publisher
Kalpavriksh is a non-profit organisation working on environmental and social issues since their establishment in 1979. It works at local, national and global levels on environmental awareness, campaigns, litigation, research and advocacy particularly related to people’s rights, and communities’ role in biodiversity conservation. See children’s books by Kalpavriksh.

About the Nature Guide
Shweta Shrotriya received a PhD in motivation management from the University of Rajasthan. She is in-credibly passionate in photographing birds to better understand their behaviour. In addition, she has spent the past few years organising and actively taking part in efforts to conserve the local flora and fauna.

About Smriti Van
Smriti Van, with a roughly 108-acre footprint, is located along JLN Marg in the heart of Jaipur. It is known for its beautiful terrain, which is home to a variety of trees, flowers, and animals.

Seats are limited. All participants who register are requested to come so that no seats are wasted.

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You will find 16 enriching, stimulating, thought-provoking, philosophical, and spiritual essays written in response to the pressing problems of social fragmentation, religious polarisation, ecological collapse, and rising inequity that humanity faces today.

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Announcing our first book off 2023!!

THE MIRACLE ON KACHHUA BEACH by Nandita Dacunha  illustrated by Priya Kuriyan was launched last Saturday at the Lit Bug Fest, 2023 in Pune by Amrita Patwardhan of Parag Initiative, author Madhuri Purandare and Sandhya Taxale of Pratham.

Thank you Vaishali and Ishan from the Story Station for such a wonderful event.

Copies available on:

Kalpavriksh Website and Amazon

For bulk orders, write to us at:
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Three Kalpavirksh children’s books will be at The Litbug Fest on the 22nd Saturday 2023. See the attached brochure for more details.

For inspiring stories and perspectives from people all across India, read the entire newsletter.

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Job Description

Kalpavriksh is looking for a professional with a strong background in social media handling who can strategize, plan and deliver creative, engaging and impactful content of Kalpavriksh and its work on all platforms viz digital and print. 

The individual will also be responsive to current affairs and developments that could be linked to different theme’s work of Kalpavriksh. 


  1. To strategize and brainstorm communications aspects of other themes and processes of Kalpavriksh
  2. Manage social media pages of all the themes within Kalpavriksh (conservation and livelihoods, alternatives, environment education)
  3. Design and curate creative outputs for Kalpavriksh (website, social media handles etc.) 
  4. Post messages for book announcements, book events, special sales
  5. Understand and simplify research reports, policy briefs etc. and for wider dissemination through various channels


  1. Strong written and verbal communications skills
  2. Familiarity with tools such as Canva, MS Office


Candidates who are willing to work out of Pune would be preferred 

Application Process

To apply, please email your resume alongside a cover letter at [email protected] , with the subject line “Communications Associate”. 

Women candidates are encouraged to apply.

The story by Tanya Majmudar and illustrations by Rajiv Eipe in the children’s storybook ‘The Monster Who Could Not Climb A Tree’ have been short listed for the Binod Kanoria Children Books Award!

Vikalp Sangam September 2022 Newsletter is out!

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One more feather in the cap for ‘Miracle on Sunderbaag Street’, the exceptional book written by Nandita Dacunha and illustrated by Priya Kuriyan.

Congrats to the editorial team at Kalpavriksh, Tanya Majmudar and Sujatha Padmanabhan!!

We are happy to share that our children’s book ‘Chitty, A Dog and Her Forest Farm’ written by Serow and illustrated by Rajiv Eipe has been shortlisted for the first Mehlli Gobhai Children’s Book Illustrator Award 2022!

1. Critters around our homes by Sanjay Sondhi

2. People and Wildlife by Tanya Majmudar and Sujatha Padmanabhan

3. Saving the Dalai Lama’s Cranes by Neeraj Vagholikar

To order, do visit

Wonderful to see The Poop Book introduced in Marathi – do watch this 5-minute YouTube video with its clear and fun narration, made by Nisargabhaan, an environmental group based in Nasik. Link:

सृष्टी पुस्तक परिचयमाला | The Poop Book | Kalpavriksh India

निसर्ग व पर्यावरण या साहित्य प्रकारातल्या सामान्यतः दुर्लक्षित विषयाची ओळख वाचकांना व्हावी यासाठी अशा पुस्तकांचा परिचय करून देणारा निसर्गभान चा “सृष्टी पुस्तक परिचयमाला” हा उपक्रम आहे. या पुस्तक परिचयमालेद्वारे कीटक, प्राणी, पक्षी, जलचर, सरीसुर्प, वृक्ष अशा निसर्गातील अद्भुत गणगोतांची जशी ओळख करून दिली जाते तशीच पर्यावरण, मनुष्य आणि निसर्ग यातील अंतरसंबंध उलगडून दाखवणाऱ्या पुस्तकांचाही या मालेमध्ये समावेश केला गेला आहे. अशा विस्तृत पटात गुंफल्या जात असलेल्या या पुस्तक परिचयमालेचे एक आवर्तन पूर्ण झाले असतांना या भागापासून आता थोडा बदल केला गेला आहे. ज्या बालदोस्तांच्या व युवा पिढीच्या हाती आपण आपली वसुंधरा सोपवणार आहोत त्यांना विविधतेने नटलेल्या या अद्भुत विश्वाची ओळख करून देण्यासाठी या मालेमध्ये यापुढे कधी गोष्टीरूपाने तर कधी माहितीपूर्ण पुस्तकांमधून भेटणाऱ्या निसर्ग आणि पर्यावरणाची ओळख आता दर महिन्याला करून दिली जाणार आहे. सृष्टीतील विविध घटकांविषयी उलगडणाऱ्या या नात्यातून न जाणो कदाचित आपल्याला आज भेडसावणाऱ्या पर्यावरणीय प्रश्नांच्या विळख्यातून सुटण्याचा मार्गही गवसेल…टीम निसर्गभान

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The set of 3 available for a special discounted price of Rs. 1000

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