#9 Vikalp Varta: Marudam alternative learning centre, Tamil Nadu

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Learning to reconnect with nature & people

Marudam Farm-School, Tiruvannamalai, TN

How can we integrate local (farmer, artisan) knowledge systems and their practitioners in learning & education? 

How can communities become more resilient by contextualising education to land, nature, culture and history? 

Why is spending time in nature important? 

Why does education need to engage the whole body through crafts, movement and music?

Join us for an interactive session withAkila, Arun, Arunachala, Harish, Madhavan, Pachaiappan, Paripoornam, Poornima, Uma 

June 20, 2020     

3:30 pm – 5:30 pm IST

Zoom ID 84114117338 

(pl. excuse mistakes on the poster; it should be Marudam, and 3.30 pm, not am!).