Dhaba Village

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 Location  Ecosystem Type    Conservation Type    Area(hectare)  Legal status 
 Dindori, Madhya Pradesh  Forest  Ecosystem Conservation  2146.78 Reserved Forest

This case study was part of the Directory on Community Conserved Areas in Odisha and Madhya Pradesh (2012) prepared by Foundation for Ecological Security et al. To download the case study click here.

Recent Updates

Baiga tribals become India’s first community to get habitat rights

An article by Down to Earth about hoe the government of Madhya Pradesh has for the first time recognised the habitat rights of seven villages in Dindori district, mostly inhabited by the Baigas.

Planting char, mahuli, and bamboo to regenerate forests: Conservation efforts by the Baiga tribal community – Madhya Pradesh 

An article on the webpage of the Tribal Cultural Heritage in India Foundation about how the villagers of Dhaba protested against the local forest department who were cutting down too many trees, and succeeded. Now several tree species like the char, mahuli, and bamboo have regenerated around the village.

Baigas’ battle 

An article in the magazine Frontline about the fight of the Baigas to regain their traditional forest rights.

Related Information

Tree is not timber 

An article published by Down to Earth about how Madhya Pradesh’s Baiga tribals fought forest officials to save jungles.

Baiga tribals show the way in forest conservation 

An article by The Hindu about how the Baiga tribals, a Primitive Tribal Group (PTG), from the Dhaba forest village of the Samnapur block have managed to protect and expand over 600 acres of forest cover around their village.

Forests, Tribals and the Voice of Dissent: The Story of a Social Actor

A biography of an activist who has been working in the interiors of Madhya Pradesh with the indigenous people. He has been living among the tribal communities and has contributed significantly in the peoples' struggle for resource rights.

Biodiversity Register and Indigenous Knowledge:A Case Study of Baigachak Area, in Dindori District of Madhya Pradesh 

A study which aimed to develop and document the process of a Biodiversity Register for two forest villages (Dhaba and Sherajhar) in Baigachak area, in Dindori district of MadhyaPradesh. The register identifies both wild and agro-biodiversity elements and their indigenous knowledge.

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