Adiyal Tekdi

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 Location  Ecosystem Type    Conservation Type    Area(hectare)  Legal status 
Mul, Chandrapur, Maharashtra  Mixed Ecosystem Conservation  30  Not Available

Case Study (2009)


Located in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, Adiyal Tekdi is a small village covering 30 ha, established in 1966 by Tukaram Dada Geetacharya on the suggestion of the spiritual guru Sant Tukdoji Maharaj. The village is occupied by 60-70 families and has been established with the objective of creating a self-sufficient and self-governed village.

In this village the villagers construct their own houses, grow food organically for their requirements, produce their own oil, fruit and other articles of basic need. They also depend on locally found medicinal plants and naturopathy for combating disease and ill-health. The village represents a farm-forest ecosystem and supports many wild fauna and flora. Villagers carefully manage and sustainably use their forests. These forests support a good population of wild cat, wild boar, jackal, and others.

Adiyal Tekdi has been an inspiration for many neighbouring villages like Charoti, Lakhapur, Metepar, Dhorpa, etc. to work towards village self-rule and forest protection and management.

Sant Tukdoji Maharaj Ashram
Adiyal Tekdi
Mul Taluka
Brahmapuri District
Ph: 07174-221226

This case study was part of the Directory on Community Conserved Areas (2009), published by Kalpavriksh. The directory can be downloaded here.

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