Neeraj V

Neeraj Vagholikar has been a member of Kalpavriksh since December 1998. Formally trained as a mechanical engineer, Neeraj moved on to work on environmental policy issues since 1996. From 1996 – 1998 he worked as Conservation Officer with the Save Nature Movement, a campaigning platform  operating in  association with  wildlife magazine, Sanctuary Asia. His work at Kalpavriksh over the years has focused on research and advocacy on:  laws and policies related to environment and forests;  social and environmental impacts of development projects and activities; and environmental governance issues associated with large infrastructure projects.

He is the co-author of the Kalpavriksh report ‘Undermining India – Impacts of Mining on ecologically sensitive areas’. Since 2001 he has been involved with investigations, writing and advocacy on  environmental and social aspects of large dams in Northeast India in close association with local groups in the region. He was part of a Kalpavriksh team which guest edited a special issue of the Ecologist Asia magazine on large dams in Northeast India in 2003. He was also a part of the core team which authored the Prayas Energy Group and Kalpavriksh joint publication titled ‘Alternative Power Planning’ in 2007.   In November 2010 Kalpavriksh has co-published a 20-page brieifng paper titled ‘Damming Northeast India’  co-authored by Neeraj.

He has also written extensively in the national and Northeastern regional media on issues related to dams and hydropower in the Northeastern region.

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