The Documentation Center had sent out a Letter (in Hindi too) to all its readers for their response to the request below. Please do check out the feedback they received on the postcards uploaded at the end of this letter.

Date: January 28, 2011.

Dear Saathi,

Seasons Greetings!

We take this opportunity in sending our best wishes to you in the area of your work and struggle.

You are an important recipient of People in Conservation - our Newsletter, and Advocacy outreach material. Both these outputs focus on issues, laws and policies related to conservation, and livelihoods of people who depend upon natural resource systems for their survival.

We are very keen to know your opinion on both of the above. Hence we would like to request you to send us feedback on these outputs from Kalpavriksh’s Documentation and Outreach Center.

Given below are some of the questions you may want to ponder upon while giving your feedback. These questions are just to help you in formulating a response; and hence only indicative:

  1. Have you been receiving our newsletter and advocacy material regularly?
  2. Do you find them useful for your work? (If yes, then if you could describe how, that would-be great!)
  3. How can the content of the material be improved upon?
    1. Can you make any suggestions as to how we can make the Newsletter and Advocacy outreach material more meaningful?
    2. Is the coverage, for both, the Newsletter and Advocacy material fair or do we tend to focus only on some key issues at the expense of others?
    3. Do you want us to cover any specific issue that we may have left out, or not covered adequately enough?
  4. Would you like to make any suggestions about the format of presentation? Are you satisfied with it?
  5. What according to you is the most satisfactory aspect of our coverage?
  6. What according to you is the least satisfactory aspect of our coverage?
  7. Would you recommend the newsletter and policy briefs to others?

We realize that you have a very busy schedule. We would still like to earnestly request you to take a few minutes out and send us your response. To make your job easier, we are also sending you a stamped and addressed postcard (however please feel free to send your feedback in any format if a post card affords too small a space for you to write). Alternatively, if you are more comfortable with the internet, you may want to send your feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In case of the latter, please write “Feedback to Documentation Centre” in the subject area.

We are keenly looking forward to your response. Please do write back as soon as possible.

In Solidarity,

Milind Wani

Programme Coordinator- Documentation and Outreach


The Feedback

Amar Heblekar L.M.AndavanL.M.Andavan-2 R.Rajamani
Dr. A. K. Chakravarthy Mahadev Vidrohi R. Sreedhar
Brij Kishor Gupta-Central Zoo Authority Meera Sharma Dr.S. K. Barik
Baljit Singh Mohanty S. M. Varu
Bhopal Singh Nitin Baarsinge Suryabhan Khobragade
Dhritiman Das Parisara Sanrakshana Kendra - Sirsi Unnikrishnan Nambeesan
Dr. Faiza Abbasi Prem Singh
Bharat Lal Federation of societies