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Treasured Islands has basic information of the ecosystems with special reference to the A and N Islands. Generously illustrated, the handbook also contains full descriptions of 45 activities for teachers to do with students. These include many action tips to save the islands from the threats they face.

Below is the list of Chapters as they appear in the handbook.


  1. The Different Worlds Around Us:
    1. The Ocean And Activities
    2. Corals And Coral Reefs & Activities
  2. The Inter-Tidal Area:
    1. Rocky Shores and Sandy Beaches And Activities
    2. Mangroves And Activities
    3. Tropical Forests And Activities
  3. Saving Our Timeless Treasure And Activities
  4. Humans on the Islands & Activities
  5. Island Alert! And Activities
  6. Checklists And Sources of Information/Reading List
  7. Photos of A and N Islands

Written Material from this book may be freely used with due acknowledgment to Kalpavriksh and ANET(MCBT)