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Elephant Grid Activity Sheet

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Kingfisher Grid Activity Sheet

Individual Activity: Take a large sheet of paper. On that draw a grid (square with criss cross lines) similar to the picture shown here. Ensure that the number of rows and columns are the same as in the picture.

Start with the square cell in the right corner of the picture. Copy all the details that you see in this cell from the sample picture given into the corresponding cell in the grid on your paper. Do the same for the other cells, moving from one to another in the grid to complete your drawing!

 You could also colour the picture and then cut it into squares and have your very own jigsaw puzzle.

Group Activity:

You could do the same activity with a group of friends. Each of you can focus on a few squares and reproduce from the given sample picture the details that you see. When everyone has finished, put the pieces all together to make the drawing!