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Have you ever felt that you cannot draw animals as they are too difficult? Well, here is an easy way. Pick up your pencil and soon you would have drawn  an elephant and a kingfisher.

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knowurtreeMany of us are baffled by the variety of trees around us and can recognize only a few common ones like the mango and the neem. How often we stop to admire a tree but know nothing about it! Here's a worksheet that you could use that could help you remember and describe such a tree.

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snowleopard iconHave you heard of Ladakh, the land of high mountain passes, a land that is a cold desert? Here are different activities that children in Ladakh are doing as part of an environment education programme. Would you like to try your hand at some of these, and in the process you will learn of the land of the snow leopard, the marmot and the ibex!

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Jullay Children! I am Phiya, a marmot from Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. Come travel  with me through the different ecosystems of India and help me find out interesting facts


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