The Children's Section has interesting stories to read, and even shows how you can participate in helping our earth be a better place for everyone. The stories here are from all over India. They cover a vast range of topics. There are also activities for you to do. So what are you waiting for, start clicking to know more... 

 goodearthicon Kalpavriksh contributed a series of articles to the Hindu Young World  under the Good Earth Series. These articles highlight important environment and conservation issues from across India, from its cities as well as villages. They have been written by many people who have years of experience  working to conserve our environment.
 nbsaaaabp The NBSANP Tales are stories that revolve around biodiversity. Some are about a particular plant or animal  found in India, some about the problems an area or region face. Some describe the efforts people have taken to protect wildlife ....and so on.

Read on with the hissing, slithering, and lovable NBSAaaanP!

 ecotourism icon  Stories on Eco tourism... these trues stories published in Chandamama are about the little efforts in our country where tourism helps local people, damages the local environment less, and respects an area's traditions and culture. Read on and get tips  on how to help your family plan your next vacation.
 doonwatchseries  Doon Watch Series is a series of stories set in the hills of Dehra Dun and they bring to you all that is bright and beautiful, great and small.
 urbannaturewtachicon  Urban Nature Watch, despite the concrete and the din, brings the sounds of nature close to you. Keep your eyes and ears glued....
 vasudhaicon  Vasudha is a supplement on biodiversity. It was sponsored by the National Foundation of India and its content came from Kalpavriksh. It brings you stories and activities on the rich biodiversity of life that exists in India. It gives a glimpse into the rich variety of life in our country - plants, animals, micro-organisms, human life - andtheir habitat.
 phiya icon  Bored? Want to do something interesting? Here are a few Activities You Can Do. Have FUN while you LEARNWink

Kalpavriksh brings to you a series titled 'Magic Garden'. The series is being contributed by various people across India, all of whom work in the field of conservation. They are lucky to have had special moments in nature... an encounter with a particular species, something extraordinary about a place that they have visited, the sudden surprises that nature has sprung on them. This is what they will describe in this series.


Conservation and Nature is a series brought to you by Kalpavriksh Environmental Action Group published in the Young World Section of The Hindu.