Information about various events held across the globe and highlight the issues via advocacy and lobbying

Kalpavriksh, Oakland Institute, PEACE, and INSAAF organised three events highlighting the role of Indian companies and government in massive landgrabs in Ethiopia and other African countries, on 5/6th February 2013. See Briefing note and press coverage...

  • PANOS Kalpavriksh Media Dialogues: The KV-PANOS Media Dialogues were centered on Himalayan Hydro, North -East Dams, Mining, Coastal issues, SEZ given that Environment and Coastal regulations have progressively diluted even before the wave of ‘re-engineering’ aspects of environmental governance became the pet project of the Ministry of Environment and Forests. With the  amendment regime to dilute Environment Impact assessment Notification and Swaminathan Committee recommendations for the Coastal Regulation Zone Notification to be replaced by the Coastal Zone Management Notification, and the new Notification expected to be released as a draft very soon, it seemed a perfect opportunity to hold the first media dialogue around environmental issues and use the space not only to discuss with the media on the seriousness of the issue at hand, but also seek their help in advocacy and lobbying. The meetings on environment and CRZ clearance regime issues sought to deliberate upon the long term mismanagement of the environment and CRZ clearance process and the environmental and social implications borne thereof. Reports of different sectors media dialogue has been given in Meetings and Presentations Section.
 Meetings & Presentations:
  1. Background note for PANOS-KV Dialogue
  2. SEZ Media Dialogue Report Final
  3. CRZ Media Dialogue Report Final
  4. Himalayan Hydro Media Invitation Final
  5. Mining Media Dialogue Report