An output of the Community Forest Rights Learning and Advocacy Progress. The report is an output of a national learning and advocacy process (CFR-LA) on community forest rights and is prepared with inputs received from groups and organizations from different states of India. The report shares information on the status of claims and recognition of community forest rights, various initiatives taken by communities and civil society organizations (particularly focusing on the states of Mahasrahtra, Odisha and Karnataka), key issues of implementation, and recommendations from the groups for better implementation of CFR provisions.

We expect that the report will contribute towards greater learning and understanding at different levels on the process and initiatives on community forest rights. We also expect the issues and recommendations shared in the report would be taken up by concerned networks and groups with the central and state governments.

  • Forests, Rights and Conservation: This paper (July 2009) attempts to assess:
    • the implications of the FRA for conservation and people’s rights andlivelihoods,
    • the ways in which different actors have shaped the FRA, including the extent to which tribal peoples have been involved, and
    • the problems and prospects of the FRA’s implementation.