Time Frame:

The Bhimashankar Conservation and Livelihoods Programme initiated in June 2007 has been slowly developing and evolving in a phased manner. Reports of the exploratory phases as well as the other phases outlined have been presented here.

Major Outcome of the work carried on has also been summarized.

Exploratory Phase: Funding support by RSPB (June – November 2007). Final Report

Phase I: Funding support by AID Bay area, USA (September 2008 to August 2009). Final Report AID

Phase II: Funding support by Rufford SGP (January to December 2010). Final Report

Phase III: Currently not funded but activities are continuing.

Major Outcomes

  • Regular meetings & Discussions in Yelavali, sporadic meetings in Bhorgiri
  • Electricity in Yelavali village
  • Construction of a kacha road leading to the village (nearly 1 km) by Shramdaan
  • Greater empowerment of local People shown through refusing to pay bribes for use & sale of NTFP, and being able to directly interact with government agencies for their village needs
  • Plantation of Medicinal plants on private lands
  • Filing of individual forest Rights claims under FRA
  • Formulation of village rules for forest use.
  • Discussions on FRA in the neighboring villages
  • List of village development activities for NREGS planning
  • Income generation through few activities like eco-tourism & NTFP value addition (such as Karvanda pickle)
  • Regular Environment education workshops in local schools & Ashram Shalas
  • GIS map of the village & it’s traditional boundaries
  • Inventory of flora & Fauna
  • A report on the ecological impact study (under preparation)