Wild vegetable festival Yelavali and Bhorgiri

Dear all,

This is a short update on the wild vegetable festival in Yelavali and Bhorgiri (2nd & 3rd Oct 2010) villages in Bhimashankar for those of you who could not be make it this time. Hopefully this will be inspiring enough to bring you there the next time over.

On the 2nd the festival was in Yelavali, where the availability of wild vegetables has by now gone down. The weather was nice and sunny for a change (it has been raining in the previous days). The programme was organized in the forest and began with bhajan kirtan by the youth in the village. This was followed by appearance of women dressed beautifully and carrying their plates of wild food, decorated with wild flowers. We had a discussion with all the participants about the recipes that they had come with, what species, where from, availability status now and before, how frequently is it eaten, what are its values and so on. We also shared with them some information that we had managed to gather about the nutritional value of some of these species. All the participants were given an Ayurvedic first aid kit to be used for simple ailments. Event was followed by a meal cooked for the entire village, which included some of the wild vegetable and a delicious preparation of crab!

On the 3rd the festival was in Bhorgiri, which was also attended by about 18 people from outside the village. Many visitors who had come to the area for a weekend or to visit the Koteshwar temple also dropped in and participated in the event and discussions. The number of wild vegetables were much higher here. The event was as in Yelavali and followed by a meal cooked for all those from outside the village. After the meal all the visitors walked up to the river and kids had a blast splashing in the water.

I think Anupama Juvekar who participated in the event in Bhorgiri village on the 3rd, describes it most aptly!

“Thanks to u and all the team members at Kalpavriksh for the wonderful event organised yesterday at Bhorgiri. It was indeed a treat to see & taste so many varieties of vegeees prepared by the village folks.
The lunch thereafter, the hospitality, the waterfall swim..lovely weather .... could we ask for more?”

Wild vegetable festival, Yelahvali, Bhimashankar, Maharashtra