Kalpavriksh believes in long term relationship with communities and civil society groups that we engage with. These are our sources of inspiration, who have not only helped us deepen our understanding about participatory and community conservation and its links with local livelihoods but have also helped us refine our own institutional functioning and decision-making processes. We value our friendship and relationship with these communities and groups associated with them. Kalpavriksh is obligated to provide any need based assistance to them as and when sought, either directly or through other agencies which may be more appropriate for a particular need. Such help includes, effective ways of dealing with human wildlife conflicts, helping in documentation, facilitating dialogues among local actors, suggestions on appropriate sources of funding, appropriate schemes for achieving livelihoods, implementation of appropriate laws, carrying out investigations on the local request, facilitating exchange visits to other sites, developing links with others, facilitating members from these communities participating in national/international policy dialogues and so on.