For the last one year the electronic lists serve - “BioDWatch, has been tracking developments related to the biodiversity, and more specifically the implementation of the Biological Diversity Act and its Rules in different parts of the country. This initiative was commenced and continues as part of the Campaign for Conservation and Community Control over Biodiversity. The intent has been to develop a greater understanding on this legislative framework and its impacts on local communities and conservation of biological resources and related people's knowledge. The Campaign took information and analysis on these issues to different parts of the India through regional meetings held in Himachal (Northern Region), Rajasthan (Central & Western Region), Orissa (Eastern Region) and Assam (North East Region) in the past one year. In most parts the need to stay plugged in on these issues was reiterated, underlining the relevance of such an information tool as the e-list particularly for those who do have access to the Net and confirming that there IS an interest group on these issues. Upon assessment of the work under the Campaign, with feedback from friends and to retain a sharp focus for these mail-outs, the listserve on its first anniversary is being relaunched with the following guidelines. (However, those of you already signed up, do not require to re-subscribe.)


So that those joining the listserve have clear expectations of what postings they will receive and for those wanting to contribute to know what WILL make it to the list the subject matter is explained here. The moderator will exercise discretion in the interest of thematic consistency. As per the criteria, the postings will be manually reviewed to see if they are about developments around the said legislation within the country, and other laws (such as the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights Act, amendments to the Patent Act, Tribal Forest Rights Act and the proposed Seed Bill) only if they are related directly to the implementation of the biodiversity legislation. The posting could be articles, press releases, media coverage or any other material whether “formal” and published or campaign related. Since the idea is track things as and when they happen, the traffic of emails by default will be irregular, so no dozens of messages daily!


This listserve is strictly a non-commercial and educational service for local activists, people's movements, non-government organisations and concerned individuals active in the struggle of conservation and community control. In coherence with the politics of the Campaign, the listserve team does not endorse intellectual property rights (IPRs). There is no copyright on any of the material posted through this list, nor on any of the message archives or address databases. Postings are also free to be passed onward in the same spirit. Those sending in material also do take care to check if the material is copyrighted.


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Campaign for Conservation and Community Control over Biodiversity.

Kalpavriksh under an ongoing collaboration on biodiversity issues with GRAIN

April 2008