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As the Millennium Development Goals come up for review and possible reframing in 2015, discussions have been initiated within countries to assess possible ‘development’ frameworks that could more effectively lead to human well-being while ensuring ecological sustainability. This paper proposes a sustainability-centred framework of wellbeing for India, based on a set of principles and goals that would be relevant globally.

The Indicators for sustainable development / human well-being goals and targets for India,  focus on environmental sustainability, and need to be complemented with goals/targets and indicators for other aspects of human well-being

KV filed a Special Leave Petition in August 2012, in the matter of Ajay Dubey vs. UoI and others (commonly known as the tiger tourism case). The petition relates to the need of following due procedures including legally mandated gram sabha consultations while notifying buffer zones of tiger reserves. READ MORE

Kalpavriksh, Oakland Institute, PEACE, and INSAAF organised three events highlighting the role of Indian companies and government in massive landgrabs in Ethiopia and other African countries, on 5/6th February 2013. See Briefing note and press coverage...

KVTeamCome re-enter the Magic Garden and breathe in the aroma of the flowers and let your imagination take wings with the stories about our fellow creatures that live and breathe the same air as we do...