• Access to India's Biodiversity and Sharing Its Benefits is an analytical commentary by Shalini Bhutani and Kanchi Kohli on the Access and Benefit Sharing Guidelines finalised by the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) late last year. Last year, they had pushed the NBA through RTI to disclose the minutes of meetings/submissions and expert committee deliberations related to the preparation of these Guidelines which also formed a backdrop and research material for this analysis. Getting this material out had required substantial back and forth with the NBA and a detailed first appeal process.
  • Make (Money) in India, Fortunately, resistance to such dispossession and displacement is gaining ground…Prime Minister Narendra Modi had some time back suggested that one solution to climate change is to switch off street lamps on moonlit nights. Really? Encourage polluting

    industries and coal-based power plants across India, shove aside forests for expressways, and incentivise rapid growth in motorcars … and then compensate all these carbon emissions by switching off street lamps a few nights a year? Who is Mr Modi trying to fool? asks Ashish Kothari

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